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Sundays: 10A

Love God  Love people, Serve the world


God has called men to be leaders in their home, church, and communities. Our society is doing a poor job of raising men to be men as they were designed to be, so we must look to the Designer and His Word to be reminded of what it means to be a man. If a man is following Christ, he earns the right and the duty of leading others. So the purpose of our Men's Ministry is to lead men to Christ, so they can lead others.

Our Meetings:
Tuesdays-7:00 a.m. - We meet at Coco's Restaurant, 1250 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA. 92821. Bring a little money for breakfast and hang with some guys who pray for each other and briefly dive into the Word to start the day.

**Due to the CDC's recomendations for the coronavirus we will be taking a break from meeting in person. Please email if you would like further information on how to join us at this time.*